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Akerselva river walk

Akerselva – the beautiful river who runs through Oslo, Oslo’s beautiful river, is a slice of wilderness right in the heart of the city. The river trail travels with the flowing water from Maridalen lake, just north of the city, down to the city center, through many eclectic and charming neighborhoods. This trail is popular for walking and running and is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Start from the city center and head uphill to Maridalen, or start at the top and work your way down with the river.

To the top of Akerselva:
Take bus 54 (Kjelsås Stasjon) from Jernbanetorget to the stop “Stillatorvet”. The path starts just meters from the bus stop, leading you into a small park and connecting to the path along the river.

To the bottom of Akerselva:
The southern end of the trail is in Grønland, about one block north of the Oslo Bus Terminal. Grønland T-bane station is very close by, as well as Oslo Central Station. If you are downtown, the easiest way to get to the start of the river walk is on foot.

Trail description
From the top of Akerselva down to city center, you will meander along the river, crossing over bridges and walking through the different neighborhoods. As long as you stay with the river, you will be on the right track.

Key points of interest from start to finish:
Maridalsvannet: The lake just north of Oslo is the largest in the city and supplies Oslo with drinking water. It is not allowed to go swimming in Maridalsvannet, but you are more than welcome to enjoy the view!

Nydalsdammen: This is one of the many popular swimming areas along Akerselva. So, do not be surprised if the lakeside area is packed with people on a nice weather day.

Myraløkka: This is a popular place for outdoor activities in both summer and winter. With the big grassy area, many people will be here grilling and playing games in the summer and it is also the perfect hill for sledding in the winter.

Hønsa-Lovisa’s Hus: This adorable cafe is situated over one of the river’s largest waterfalls. If you have time, stop here for a quick bite to eat or a coffee and enjoy the view.

Mathallen: Further down, on the west side of the river, across from Grünerhagen Park, you will find a refurbished brick building that now houses a selection of delicious restaurants and specialty food shops. This is a popular spot to grab a bite to eat and drink in the Grünerløkka neighborhood. Keep in the mind it closes relatively early every day, so it is a great spot to get lunch.

Grønland: This is one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in Oslo. Many people from far and wide now call Oslo home and many have settled here. With all of the different cultures mixing together comes many incredible shops for food and goods that have an exciting flair. Insider tip: The best vegetable and fruits stores of Oslo are known to be in Grønland.

As you follow the Akerselva river, you will be passing through a variety of parks and neighborhoods. Here you will be able to find cafés, grocery and convenience stores. Many will have public restrooms, but keep in mind that you may be required to buy something or pay a small fee to use the toilets. There are public toilets in some parks.