Holmenkollen is one of the most famous sporting arenas in the world and the single most visited tourist attraction in Norway.
Holmenkollen Ski Jump has been the heart of Norwegian skiing for over 100 years. The first ski jumping competition took place on 31st January 1892 when 12,000 spectators were present. The ski jump was constructed from branches and covered in snow. The longest jump was recorded at 21.5 metres and the first hill record was set by Arne Ustvedt. The King’s Cup went to Svein Sollid from Morgedal in the county of Telemark. The current record is 144 meters and was set by Robert Johansson from Norway in 2019. The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is world famous and represents an international symbol of ski jumping and ski sport generally. Holmenkollen Day, which is held annually in March, is regarded as Norway’s ‘other’ National Day, with thousands of spectators and a wonderful atmosphere. The ‘Holmenkollen roar’ unites the crowd across the whole social and cultural spectrum. From the grandstands and Gratishaugen alike, you may hear the cheers of the crowd as the ski jumpers set off down the inrun.


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