Fredikstad is located southeast in Norway and have


Kristiansand is the largest city in Southern Norway and gets lots of visits every year. Kristiansand is a family destination, with attractions and family friendly activities, with Dyreparken as one of the largest.

Skien (coming soon)

Skien is a beautiful town south of Norway. Gems like Dalen hotel and Telemarkskanalen are popular tourist attractions near Skien city.


Stavern is a very popular tourist destination during the summer.


A small village just outside Oslo is a beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit.


All year round, Drøbak has something to offer. Drøbak is a beautiful summer town as well as a cozy Christmas town, with Oscarsborg fortress right outside in the Oslofjord.


Bodø – situated above the Arctic Circle and beneath the Auroral Oval, the beautiful fishing village of Bodo enjoys spectacular views of the Northern Lights and, in the summer, the Midnight Sun.


Norway’s second largest city, is also the west coast’s largest port and one of Scandinavia’s busiest cruise ship stopovers.


Stavanger/Sandnes area is the third-largest urban area in Norway with a vibrant cultural life and cutting-edge restaurants.


Most famous for its beautiful architecture, with houses built on a row of islands extending out into the ocean.


Tromsø – surrounded by spectacular scenery that is visible from everywhere in town.


Oslo´s unique combination of city life and easy access to nature, makes this city a very popular travel destination.


For more than a thousand years, Trondheim has been a center for development of science, culture, infrastructure and innovation.