ASKER ACTIVITIES ASKER ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Hvalstrand This unique seaside establishment, built in the Functionalist style, was opened June 1 1934. The previous year Wilhelm Roede on Hval Farm and shipowner


ASKER ACTIVITIES ASKER ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Skaugumsåsen Skaugumsåsen is a small mountain which is not far away from Asker. There are several trails to get there and every way is basically pointing towards the top. There are trails going round the mountain and you can go to the Semsvannet lake which is a nice place to […]


ASKER ACTIVITIES ASKER ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Semsvannet The distance around Semsvannet is around 4km. It is a beautiful walk on unpaved roads and paths. On weekends it is usually possible to buy coffee and some food at the farm halfway around the lake.


ASKER ASKER MENU ACTIVITIES Summers in Kristiansand are warm and long, and the beaches are normally filled with happy people. There are many popular attractions for families, solo travelers, couples or party enthusiasts, and always something to do. Kristiansand is a town with much to offer for travelers of all ages. Here are some recommended […]