Bibby’s Bonanza of the Bizarre

Welcome to an Open Stage that celebrates the gloriously strange, the wonderfully weird and the beautifully bizarre across all performing arts disciplines.

Artists working in the fields of physical theatre, dance, butoh, clowning, experimental music, installation art and MORE are invited to use this open stage to showcase their strangest material in front of a loving, curious and encouraging audience.

This bitesize show will be curated to ensure an entertaining and varied evening for the audience. Some artists will come to test brand new, untried ideas, whilst others will showcase more finished short works.

The motto for this evening is ‘be generous with your weird’. Let’s embrace and celebrate what makes us weird and wonderful, both as artists and as humans. This is an evening full of warm-hearted joy, where it feels entirely safe to put your weirdest foot forward. Here everyone who feels the call of the bizarre has permission to make the work they want to make, rather than the work they think they’re supposed to make.

For artists interested in performing, please contact Anja: (Please write BiBoB in the subject line)

N.B. Anyone who defines themselves as an artist (full time or part time / professionally trained or not) is welcome to get in touch. Raw, untried ideas get shorter slots (3-5 mins), whilst work that is more complete and worked through can be given a longer slot if needed (up to 15 mins).


23 July

@ 12:00


Langkaia 1, 0150 Oslo





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