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+47 940 15 050
Nordnesbakken 4, 5005 Bergen

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Bergen Kunsthall

The kunsthall houses a continually changing series of exhibitions – both large solo exhibitions and extensive group exhibitions. Bergen Kunsthall works both nationally and internationally with its main exhibitions and collaborates with a large number of international artists, institutions and galleries. In recent years, Bergen Kunsthall has produced a number of new exhibitions featuring some of the most relevant artists of our times. Many of Bergen Kunsthall’s exhibitions are also shown outside Norway through loans to other exhibitors.

Bergen Kunsthall’s four large exhibition halls form the core of the institution and are one of Norway’s most unique exhibition premises. Designed by architect Ole Landmark in the 1930s with the sole object of exhibiting pictorial artworks, the halls have a unique design. The four halls form a horizontal row of adjacent “white cubes” of different sizes. The clean, straight lines and the open halls combine to provide a flexible arena for artists and curators and provide a beautiful frame for exhibitions, a frame in which the artwork is always the focal point.