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Galleri Ismene – Tal R and Danish art from Jorn unitil today

Opens Febryary, 26th – Tal R and Danish art from Jorn until today

One of the most significant artists in Denmark today is the Danish-Israeli painter and graphic artist Tal R. He has had an adventurous success in the international art scene in the recent years. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art outside Copenhagen has built up a large collection of paintings and graphics for its museum, where Tal R. is the next in a row after Asger Jorn and Per Kirkeby. The exhibition at the Gallery Ismene consists of about 30 works, with emphasis on a freshly made series of woodcuts.

Since its inception, Gallery Ismene has shown international art by significant artists, not least from Denmark. Therefore, we use this occasion to show a cavalcade of Danish artists the gallery has had contact with and made exhibitions of.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, February 26 at 7 pm.