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+47 45 69 15 88
Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø

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Tromsø Troll Museum

The Troll Museum is a visual and digital presentation of Norwegian folk tales about trolls and other creatures from national and local folk beliefs.

What is the nature of Trolls? The Troll in Peer Gynt’s story is a great example, which our visitors will also discover in depth here at the museum. We dive deeper into Norse myths and mythology, songs and legends by meeting, among others, a myriad of trolls of different kinds, including the very own Sea Troll of Tromsø, the Sea Draug, and more. All of these are presented both via beautiful original figures and digital augmented reality models.

By actively using visual art, live storytelling and Augmented Reality (AR) technology, visitors are invited to an enriching and insightful journey which starts with the traditional folk tales about Olaf the Holy and the Ash Lad, and continues with an exploration of all sorts of trolls and their roles in the tradition of Norse folklore.

Come visit us any day, we are open to visitors!