Fredriksvern Verft

Fredriksvern verft er en maritim kulturarena med et mangfold av opplevelser og unik historisk atmosfære. Flere gallerier og museer har sin virksomhet her, og fyller «Kunstnerbyen Stavern» med kunst og aktiviteter hele året. Nærhet til skjærgårdsnatur og flotte badeplasser, rik historie og sentral beliggenhet midt i Stavern sentrum, gjør Fredriksvern verft til et yndet reisemål både for lokalbefolkningen og turister. …

Stavern Fortress

One of the most popular attractions in Stavern. Staverns Fortress was a military facility located on the island of Citadelløya in Stavern and served as an important base for Norwegian naval hero Tordenskiold and his fleet during the Great Northern War’s final Norwegian phase from 1709 until 1720.

Stavernsodden Lighthouse

Stavernsodden Lighthouse was first lit in 1855, and was automated in 1984. The lighthouse was listed as a protected site in 1997. Situated at the eastern side of the southern entrance to the harbour of Stavern, the light does not only mark the safe entrance to the harbour, but it’s white sector to the east also marks the safe passage …

Colin Archers House

The world famous naval architect Colin Archer was born and raised in the house, located at Tollerodden. He is most famous for the rescue boats and the polar ship FRAM used in both Fridtjof Nansen’s and Roald Amundsen’s polar expeditions. After school and 1.5 year as ship builder apprentice, he went to Queensland, Australia and joined six of his elder …

The Beech Tree Forest

Norway´s largest and the worlds northernmost beech tree forest. The forest is used all year round for cultural and recreational activities by locals and tourists alike. The highest point is called “The Bellevue”. It is situated in the north-western part of the area. This place gives you an excellent view of the Farris Lake, and some good rest for your …

The Count´s Resident

The Count’s Resident, was made for the count Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve, stadtholder and owner of Larvik county. The contruction started in 1674 and was finished in 1677 just in time for Gyldenløve’s third wedding. The building was protected in 1923, and it’s now a part of Larvik Museum. In the east wing there’s a café that sells coffee and pancakes. …

Hall of rememberance

Hall of Remembrance (“Minnehallen” in Norwegian) is a national memorial shaped as a pyramid, located at the coeast of Stavern. It is normally open from May 15th to August 31st, from 11 am – 5.30 pm, every day. Guided tours for groups off season is possible if ordered in advance by sending an email to: Even when the interior …

Brunlanes, Larvik

Mølen is a part of one the world´s largest monuments from the last ice age and is a piece of a huge gravel deposit, encircling all of Scandinavia. It was formed at the margin of the inland ice during the period 12650 to 12350 years before the present. In Southeastern Norway, the gravel deposit is called “the Ra”.