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Open from May 15th to August 31st, from 11 am to 5.30 pm, every day

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Hall of rememberance

Hall of Remembrance (“Minnehallen” in Norwegian) is a national memorial shaped as a pyramid, located at the coeast of Stavern. It is normally open from May 15th to August 31st, from 11 am – 5.30 pm, every day. Guided tours for groups off season is possible if ordered in advance by sending an email to: Even when the interior is closed, the surroundings near the sea and architecture of the Memorial Hall makes the visit a great experience.

The memorial was commissioned by the Norwegian Parliament after World War I to commemorate the fallen Norwegian sailors of the war. It was unveiled by King Haakon VII and was later converted to the national monument commemorating fallen sailors of both World War I and World War II. The monument itself is a pyramid of locally quarried rock and is designed by two architects from Oslo, Andreas Hesselberg Bjercke (1883-1967) and Georg Christen Eliassen (1880-1964).Nic Schiøll has made a relief describing the lives and fate of the sailors as well as a decoration in the crypt. Copper tablets display the names of 1,892 sailors who died during World War I and 3,456 names of sailors who died in World War II. In addition, three protocols contain the names of 5,667 sailors. The interior of the hall is visited by some 20,000 people every year.Herman Wildenvey wrote Minnehallen, a poem displayed on the rock altar in the hall. The first and last verse read as follows:Landets egne, mand og kvinneKonge, folk og raad,reiste dette æresmindeover sjømænds daad.Her hvor hav og land som brødredeler storm og solSamles søsken, fædre, mødre,om et stort symbol The country’s own, man and womanKing, people, and councilraised this remembrance of honorover the deed of the sailor.Here where sea and land as brothersshare storm and sunBring together siblings, fathers, mothersaround a great symbol. Hvil i fred, hver fredens krigeri din våte grav.Taus du sank, mindet stigerher som sol av hav.Atter blir mot dagen hævetalt som havet tok.Og vi vet dit navn er skreveti en evig bok. Rest in peace, each warrior for peacein your watery graveSilently you sank, the memory ascendshere like the sun of the sea.Everything which the sea tookis increased by the day.And we know your name is writtenin an eternal book.