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Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center is the museum for the Nobel Peace Prize. Through the ideas and work of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates, we wish to inspire a better, more peaceful, world. The Nobel Peace Center is the public face of the Nobel Peace Prize. We offer exhibitions, events, guided tours and digital content. Since it’s beginning in 2005, the Center has achieved international recognition for its use of documentary photography. It also serves as a meeting place for topical events and discussions related to peace, human rights and conflict resolution. The Nobel Peace Center is located at Oslo City Hall Square, in an old train station building from 1872, overlooking the harbour.

The Nobel Peace Prize in often called the worlds most prestigous prize. It has created excitement, controversies and admiration for over 120 years. How does this prize actually work? Can anyone receive it? And how did a prize from remote Scandinavia become a world famous Peace Prize? Join one – or three – inspiring tours at the Nobel Peace Center this summer to learn more about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Peace Prize story and this year’s laureates: Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov.

The Nobel Peace Center offer three different guided tours every Saturday and Sunday in June.

Guided tours in English
1.00 pm: The Nobel Peace Prize in 30 minutes
1.30 pm: The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition
2.00 pm: The mysterious Alfred Nobel

Guided tours in Norwegian
14:30: Fredsprisen på 30 minutter
15:00: Fredsprisen for 2021
15:30: Den gåtefulle Alfred Nobel

The guided tours are included in your entry ticket and last 30 minutes each – from 13:00-15:30. First in English, then in Norwegian. You don’t need to book your spot for the tours, but we encourage you to meet up no later than 5 minutes beforehand.
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The overall vision for the Nobel Prize is – in line with the last will of Alfred Nobel – to work “for the greatest benefit to humankind”.

“We believe that the Nobel Peace Prize has the power to change peoples’ thoughts and actions thus make the world a more peaceful and better place for everyone.”

Independence: We are non-partisan and have the editorial responsibility for our program and content. Out communication is based on documented research and internationally rekcognized standards.
Excellence: We can be trusted, we maintain high academic standards and stick to facts.
Courage: We dare to discuss difficult questions and to adapt and try new things.
Creativity: We try new concepts and ideas and seek out new partnerships and solutions to attain our goals.
Inspiration: Encounters with us should inspire people to think and act differently.

The Nobel Peace Center is an independent foundation, financed through a combination of private donations and government grants. Close to 250,000 people visit us during a normal year, including over 700 school groups. We cooperate closely with the other organisations in the Nobel system.