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Frederiks gate 2, 0164 Oslo

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The Historical Museum

Travel back in time at Norway’s largest collection of artefacts from prehistoric times and the Middle Ages.
What did the people of the past think, believe and know? How did they arrange their lives, their belongings and their knowledge? Take a journey to our house of many wonders; Experience some of the most exquisite objects from the Norwegian Viking Age, such as ornate swords, gold jewellery and a very rare Viking helmet.

See our extensive collection of religious artefacts from the Middle Ages. Learn about the Norwegian Stone Age people, explore the Egyptian mummies and gain insight into wonderfully diverse cultures from across the World through our ethnographic exhibitions. The Historical museum is a prime example of Art Nouveau architecture, and the rich embellishments have a unique mix of Norwegian and international elements.
The Historical museum and the Museum of the Viking Age are a part of the Museum of Cultural History (at the University of Oslo). The exhibitions in the museums reflect our world-leading academic community.

VíKINGR: Some of the most exquisite artefacts that have been found from the Norwegian Viking Age

Fabulous Animals – from the Iron Age to the Vikings: Jewellery and weapons decorated with Scandinavian animal ornamentation.

Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt: Get in touch with thousand year old emotions face to face with sculptures and sarcophagi

Transformation – Faith and Sacred Objects in the Middle Ages: Rare artefacts from Norwegian stave churches
Collapse – Human Being in an Unpredictable World: An exhibition showing how forces of nature can cause both collapse and new development in cultures.
Control – Attempting to tame the world: Stories of how humans and animals co-exist.
Heritage: (Opening Autumn 2022)
The Arctic – Populations of the Arctic and Subarctic: Artefacts from indigenous groups throughout the Arctic.
Good as Gold – Coins are History: Norway’s largest coin collection.
Egypt in Europe: Norway’s oldest and largest collection of Egyptian artefacts.
America – Present – Past – Identity: About indigenous peoples and minorities’ identity when encountering the wider world.
Norwegian name: Historisk museum

Visit our website for temporary exhibitions and changes in the program.