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Only nature can make Farris. Every single drop that falls over The Beech Tree Forest in Larvik embarks on a long journey. The water runs quickly past leaves and branches, along the trees and down the hill. Then, slowly through the soil and even slower through mineral-rich soil on the way down to source, called the King Olav V’s spring. Purified and filtered by nature itself, before being bottled 20 years later.

A little history
About 10,000 years ago, towards the end of the last ice age, the Larvik district lay beneath a glacier and the sea’s surface. In front of the glacier, a moraine ridge built up, which is the geological starting point for the sources of Farris. When the ice disappeared, the land rose, and the moraine rose from the sea. It is on this moraine that The Beech Tree Forest in Larvik is located today.

In 1907, Farris’ predecessor, Salus, was tapped for the first time. It was a good name, because Salus is the name of a Roman goddess who represents health and happiness.

In 1915, Salus changed its name, and a new factory was ready, the same that taps Farris to this day. The new name was Farris after the beautiful lake north of Larvik.

From the 1960s until today, the development of Farris has been enormous. In the 1970s, Farris became available throughout the country, and quickly became a “common drink”.

In 1988, Farris natural (blue) was introduced, and beyond the 1990s came the flavor variants Lemon, and then Lime. The flavored Farris varieties were very well received and sales have continued to increase in recent years.

Farris Bris was launched in 2005 and is a series of sparkling water for those who want a bit less carbon dioxide level, and added flavor. The mild bubbles, and the fresh flavors, make many people choose Farris Bris when they want to treat themselves with something refreshing.

In 2022, the Farris family was further expanded, with Farris Frus – a sparkling blend of Farris and soda. Farris Frus has even more flavor, and is added 1% juice and sweetened for the sake of taste, without sugar and calories.