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+47 954 90 000
Torget 2, 3256 Larvik

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Glassmesteren Bar & Lunch

The Glassmesteren is the definition of bustling life. Concepts that merge into each other and complete the circle of joy and charm.
The days usually start with the lively smell of espresso and endless coffee opportunities. The lunch dishes are served in time with the music. There is laughter and a lovely lunch atmosphere. When the clock strikes 1600, a new world of flavors begins, meaningen our evening menu which is composed of unique taste experiences. At the same time as the bar is bustling with life, guests can sit and experience the restaurant atmosphere in a down-to-earth environment, filled with plants, good food, drinks and love. As the evening approaches, several have already experienced the concept shift. If they want even more bar mood, they can simply move closer to the bar or continue the party right where they are!

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