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Brattørgata 1, 7010 Trondheim

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Prisløs Vintage

Prisløs – “priceless” – consists of a small and enthusiastic group of vintage lovers. We started out in 2015 out of passion for vintage clothing, fashion, sewing, circular economy and a place to focus our creativity. It began one day when we realised we had been overloading our closets with clothes, but found ourselves to attached to them to just put it them in big plastic bags and give it all away, not knowing their fate. The solution would be to arrange sunday vintage markets and meet other people just as enthusiastic and passionate as us about our clothes! We love to combine sustainable shopping with a social aspect, and insipred by the vintage markets in Cape Town, South Africa we combine vintage shopping with food, drinks and music by inviting local djs and artists, or to team up with local festivals and cafés.

A few years on, carrying way to many heavy suitcases brimful of clothes around with us all day, we decided it was time to open a place of our own. Our store now holds a wide selection of vintage and secondhand clothing, personally handpicked both from local sources and from across the world. We love to travel, and we always bring home vintage clothing with us. Everywhere from Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Montenegro to Finland, but also a lot found in our local communites in and around Trøndelag. We want our customers to be aware of and get attatched to each piece of clothing, and try to present a brief personal background story for every piece whenever possible. We always strive to offer clothes of the best quality for all sizes and genders, all sorts of styles, colors and fabrics ranging in age from the 1960s till today.

Working with secondhand clothing, we quickly realised how much is going to waste. Due to inconvenient sizes, designs and shapes gone out of fashion a lot of clothes are being thrown away or forgotten. We then discovered how simple adjustments like cropping a long shirt or adjusting the waist of a pair of big baggy jeans could give new life to them. Also, we learned that a lot of fabrics like old curtains and tablecloths with prints and colors that had not aged so well could do much better when redesigned into new forms like shopping bags, sweaters or bomber jackets. We fell in love with the whole DIY redesign community, and are constantly looking for new inspiration for how to design, redesign and pimp old fabrics and clothes, learning new techniques every day. We also repair clothes for customers so they don’t have to throw them away.