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+47 920 50 760
Kjøpmannsgata 7, 7013 Trondheim

In the summer, we are open from 2 pm - 8 pm

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The Crab

It became too tempting, we could not resist. On the 1st of September 2022 we opened the doors to «The Crab» in the historic location by Gamle Bybro (the Old Town Bridge) in an old trading house dating back to the 1870s by the river bank in Trondheim.
We are chasing the delicious flavors, not stars.

In the restaurant «The Crab», you will find innovative food with big flavours from around the world with high quality produce prepared by our brilliant kitchen. We believe in letting the star ingredients speak for themselves and allow the big crab claw or the fresh scallops to take centre stage. That said, we will also make sure that the food is presented in a way that befits it in a welcoming room and tastefully table décor. That’s what you’ll find both in the restaurant itself The Crab upstairs and the Oyster & Chambagne bar downstairs.

There is no seafood restaurant like this in Trondheim

There are restaurants where people coincidentally works. And then there are families who cook. At Ansnes Restaurant on Hitra they have inherited both the recipes and the desire to cook, all the way back to their geat grandmothers’ vegetable gardens and jam jars. Together with dedicated staff we have created a place where people love to visit to eat, talk, drink and also to go on coastal cruises with one of their RIBs. Fish and shellfish is the most wonderful produce our chefs can get their hands on, which will be evident when the food arrives at your table.

The reason the seafood from the islands west in Trøndelag is so good, is the Gulf Stream which flows through the coast creating the best conditions for shellfish and other seafood to thrive. The partnership between our kitchen and the Gulf Stream has made Ansnes Brygger a destination to visit again and again. Our guests arrive from the city of Trondheim, other parts of Norway and from abroad.