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+47 948 38 447
Sluppenvegen 11, 7037 Trondheim

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Lager 11

Lager11 is the new place to meet in Trondheim. Enjoy street food, events and good times at Sluppen.

Lager11 will be a thriving meeting place for food, culture and experiences in Trondheim.

Our vision is to make dreams come trough by creating a food hall with stalls run by entrepreneurs with immigrant background. They create their own businesses with street food from different parts of the world and run the company with friends or family. Together they develop something new and unique at Sluppen. By being a customer at Lager11 you are supporting their businesses and dream.

By being a greenhouse for the cultural field, Lager11 will be a meeting place at Sluppen where everyone is welcome to participate and experience! Lager11 houses a cluster of creative actors. They will set up performances and exhibitions at the house. Projects across genres and with different partners will be our brand. We want to help develop projects in theater, dance, music and art that can reflect the world we are part of.

The city’s population in general, and the local community in particular, are hereby invited to participate and experience all that Lager11 has to offer.