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+47 22 43 99 99
Cort Adelers gate 2, 0254 Oslo

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Alex Sushi

Alex Sushi is Oslo´s pride when it comes to sushi, and a large group of city gourmets has been a part of our clientele since our first restaurant opened in 2001. This is no surprise, as the restaurant is talked about by the press both home and abroad as one of the best sushi restaurants in the world outside Japan, and has ever since startup garnered great praise for its unique Japanese delicacies.

Alex Sushi currently consists of two restaurants in Oslo. One at Solli Plass and the second opened in 2012 in gorgeous surroundings, right up to the water’s edge at Tjuvholmen. Inside, the walls aer decorated with large modern paintings, created by Scandinavian artists. The artwork is handpicked by the owners of the restaurant, but the real artwork is made right in front of your eyes, behind the bar that surrounds the food preparation area. With Alex Cabiao in front, our experienced chef team serves fresh, delicate pieces of sashimi, nigiri and maki that melts on the tongue. You can choose from three menus in different price ranges, where our chefs have combined the freshest ingredients for a dining experience you will not forget.

The sushi is made with exclusive ingredients of everything from Norwegian salmon and halibut, to tuna, soft-shell crab and lobster. If you are experienced in the sushi world, you may want to order the more challenging dishes like gunkan maki and fried salmon skin – and the most daring moves onto both whale and sea urchins.

In addition to exquisite sushi, Alex Sushi provides a premium wine list consisting of mostly white wines, with several riesling wines, produced especially for Alex Sushi concept. The restaurant also has something as rare as sake-sommeliers, who often tells inquisitive guests more about this popular Japanese rice wine.

The secret of Alex is a continuous and uncompromising quest for raw materials of the highest quality, pride in their trade and joy to give guests a better experience each time they visit the restaurant. The sum will be short and well – totally awesome!