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+47 22 36 47 60
Thorvald Meyers gate 78, 0550 Oslo

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Welcome to Trancher. You can find us at two different locations in Oslo – Grünerløkka and Frogner. The menu consists of one single main course without alternative, you either choose a small or a large slice of a slow cooked rib-eye roast and that’s it. In addition, you can have a variety of sides – green beans & asparagus, French fries, mushrooms, potato gratin – and you can have classic salsas and sauces like a béarnaise, sort of mexican, red wine, etc. “Trancher Entrecôte” is not an expensive place to eat, prices are pretty reasonable. For a good chunk of the delicious meat you pay only 210 “Norwegian Kroner”, (26 Euros or 28 US$).  The starters come at 115 Kroner (13 Euros, 15 US$) and they consist of smart variations of shrimps and mussels or scallops.

The best Entrecote with the highest marbling – Dry Aged! The process “dry aging” involves a tenderizing and cure process where the meat is lying in open air for a period of time, protected by a layer of Maldon salt.

The meat is turned daily, until a dry, protective layer is formed on the outside. This method involves a weight loss of about 25 percent, but inside the meat, there is a concentrated core of Entrecôte.

Before preparation, the salty and dry outer layer are cut away. Then, the bloodred and highly marbled core of Entrecôte goes through the usual Trancherprocess, for maximum flavor and tenderness. This meat, which has first been cured and then air dried for up to three weeks, proveds a special and different experience. Through this process the meat gets a characteristic, intense and full-bodied taste.